Tuesday, 14 June 2011

I am sick of gluing my soldering iron

I've used a Goot RX-711AS as my main soldering iron for 7 or so years now and it has treated me well, but I feel cheated that it wants to be scrapped because of a tiny piece of plastic!

The plastic that couples the tip collar to the iron snapped when applying a bit too much pressure to solder wick in a desperate attempt to desolder a part. I think this is my fourth attempt at gluing it - not many glues can survive this temperature it seems. I could buy a replacement iron for the station, but a new Hakko FX-888 would cost less. Perhaps I will buy the iron from a Hakko station and rewire the plug to match the Goot, the heaters seem similar. This would also get me a larger selection of tips!

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